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Flooding Updates

June 11, 2024 Update

Dear Arcadians,

Please be advised that the restoration crew will be conducting mitigation work in the lobby, offices, and bistro starting Wednesday, June 12th, and continuing each evening through Friday, June 14th. The work will be performed during the evening and through the night, from 8:00 PM until 6:00 AM.

Impact on Access

  • Closed Areas: The lobby, offices, and bistro will be closed to foot traffic from 8:00 PM to 6:00 AM each night.
  • Alternative Exits: If you need to exit the building during these hours, please use the library or back doors.
  • Emergency Access: In case of an emergency, access through the affected areas will be permitted.

Work Schedule

  • Wednesday, June 12th: The crew will be pulling up the flooring and cutting drywall.
  • Thursday, June 13th: Cleaning activities will take place.
  • Friday, June 14th: The crew will be finishing up any remaining details.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we work to improve our facilities. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the front desk

Sincerely, Arcadia Management Team


June 7, 2024 Update

Dear Arcadians,

We are pleased to share that our renovation and remediation efforts are progressing quickly and smoothly. As of now, 16 rooms have been successfully cleared for rebuilding.

Looking ahead, the next phase of our project will focus on the lobby and offices, with work scheduled to begin next Wednesday and continue through Thursday and Friday.

Additionally, we are optimistic that the dehumidifiers will have completed their job soon, allowing us to remove them and continue with the restoration process without delay.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to the Arcadia staff for all their hard work and dedication to our amazing residents. We also extend our gratitude to our residents and their families for their patience and understanding during this time.

Thank you for your continued support as we work to restore and improve our community.

Sincerely, Arcadia Management Team


June 5, 2024 Update

Dear Arcadians,

Renovation efforts are swiftly advancing, with several apartments already stripped, cleaned, and ready for restoration. Belfor is on track, and we’re eagerly anticipating the transformation into a stunning new community. Stay tuned for more progress reports soon.

Sincerely, Arcadia Management Team


May 30, 2024 Update

Dear Arcadians,

I hope this message finds you well. I am pleased to provide an update on the progress of our remediation efforts.

I am delighted to inform you that the remediation work is progressing smoothly and efficiently. The Belfor team has been working diligently, and we are nearing completion of the back garden area. While a few final touches remain, the space is already looking revitalized and inviting.

In light of the early summer sun, and the improving condition of the garden, we encourage you to spend time enjoying the outdoors. The garden is now a wonderful place to relax, soak up the sun, and appreciate the season’s beauty.

Additionally, we are heartened to see our displaced residents forming bonds and supporting one another during this period. The sense of community and camaraderie is truly inspiring and greatly appreciated.

Thank you all for your patience and cooperation throughout this process. If you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to reach out.

You can now find these update messages on our website homepage. There is a “Flood Update” button towards the bottom of the page. The website address is

Sincerely, Arcadia Management Team


May 24, 2024 Update

We are pleased to inform you that the ongoing renovations are progressing well. Our dedicated renovation company, Belfor, is working diligently to ensure that we will all be safe and in the end the improvements are completed effectively and efficiently and to the highest standards.

Throughout this period, our caring staff remains committed to supporting both our displaced and in-place residents, ensuring everyone receives the care and attention they deserve.

This is a time for our community to come together.  Suzanne Murray shared with me today a heartwarming story about how she and her neighbors have united, looking out for one another.  Our warm sense of community has been extended and will inspire others.

We truly believe that we will come through this stronger and better than ever before.  Thank you all for your patience and cooperation.


Arcadia Management Team


May 23, 2024 Update

We want to express our gratitude to so many of our residents for stepping up. Patrice continues to be a force for the staff. She has visited residents, given rides, helped with meals at the hotel and delivered items to displaced residents.  

For those of you who are in the community, please know that we are spending our days reorganizing the daily goings-on. We will be continuing daily updates.

Celina will be updating the activities and their location, so you still have fun and engaging activities throughout the remediation. Lots of folks are here doing what needs to be done to get residents’ rooms completed and bring them back home.

Documentation of food and lodging is closely monitored. The only coverage for this is for the residents who are displaced at the hotel. We encourage you to visit and send letters. Please understand if you eat at the Hotel, you are responsible for that cost. 

Donna has also been instrumental in the entire process; she has been dedicated particularly to her hallway of residents. The strength and compassion she’s showing at such a young age has left us all in awe.


Arcadia Management Team


May 22, 2024 Update

Today, crews worked on scraping and removing more flooring. Multiple companies were on site doing damage evaluations.

Tim is back from vacation and feeling a little under the weather. Everyone be sure to blow him a kiss when you see him back in office.

The elevator underwent a second inspection and looks good.

Clean up will continue in our common areas. In the meantime, we will not be able to use the activity / exercise room. Activities will be held in the Bistro and dining room.

You will be seeing Lisette and Holly soon for much needed stress relief. Ricky will perform in the dining room on Friday. Keep checking the daily calendar for updates and modifications.

Your management team wants to celebrate the contribution from several residents. This event has shown us how strong the Arcadia Place community is, how much we all mean to each other and the resilience and grace we possess. The staff feels privileged to be a part of your life. Thank you ALL for being an inspiration, keeping each other’s spirits up and making us smile.


Arcadia Management Team

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Just getting started?

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